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Maine Spine & Nerve Institute - The Back and Neck Surgery Alternative

In the Portland area, patients seeking back pain and neuropathy relief have many healthcare options.

And from clinic to clinic, they're likely to encounter a diverse range of recommendations. For the same set of spine and nerve symptoms, some providers may prescribe pain medication, and others may recommend neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery or laser surgery for back or neck pain particularly if the pain radiates into the arms or legs. Lately, though, more and more providers are recommending that patients start with a non-invasive treatment approach.

At Maine Spine & Nerve Institute, we specialize in that approach.

We begin by diagnosing the origin of your pain, and then proceed to correct the underlying condition through non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

After a course of treatment here, many of our patients are able to avoid surgery and expensive, addictive prescriptions. And we've even been able to achieve success in patients who have gone through failed back surgery.

If you're struggling with spine and nerve symptoms, we'd love to see if we could help. The initial consultation is free, and you can request your appointment by filling out the form above on this page.