Do You Want to Avoid
Back Surgery?

We Offer Non-Surgical Treatments for
Sciatica & Bulging or Herniated Discs

Neuropathy Meds
No Longer Working?

We offer Advanced Treaments to
Reduce Neuropathy Pain

Want Relief from
Debilitating Back Pain?

"I Avoided Surgery and My Pain is Gone!
Thanks to Maine Spine & Nerve!"

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a Pain-Free Life?

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Why Choose Maine Spine & Nerve Institute?

In the Portland area there are many options for healthcare and some clinics may seek to prescribe a medication to mask the pain or immediately recommend surgery. It’s important to consider less risky or non-invasive treatment options first.

At Maine Spine & Nerve we take a different approach. We focus on non-surgical solutions for spine and nerve disorders. Our approach diagnoses where your pain is originating from and then we non-surgically correct the underlying condition. Many of our patients are able to avoid surgery and the need for expensive prescriptions. We’ve also been successful with patients that are experiencing the after effects of a failed back surgery.