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Spine & Neuropathy Health Tips - Get Back in the Game!

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Improving Circulation in the Winter

Brr! This time of the year, it’s much more pleasant to sing about walking in winter wonderlands than actually taking a stroll in one. 

The cold time of year is certainly relative – your region might break out the sweatshirts and crank up the heat when the mercury dips below 60, while a visitor from a cooler clime may think it’s downright balmy.

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Stretch for Sciatica

If you’re feeling sciatica pain, get ready to stretch.

This motion allows the hips and lower back to extend, which can often provide temporary relief to nerve pain. This can be a welcome change from the constant discomfort and inflammation that seems to build up the longer you sit and don’t move.

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Exercising to Reduce Inflammation

Pretty much all of us have learned that exercise is better for our minds and bodies than sitting on the couch. Read More

Avoid These Exercises If You Have a Herniated Disc

Generally, “more exercise” is a fine answer for any questions about recommended ways to boost your physical health, and sometimes even your mental health. Read More

Pinched Nerve or Bulging Disc: What to Look For

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, you may have also learned that it’s not always simple to figure out where it starts.

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Does Cold Weather Affect Neuropathy?

With the exception of those who live where it’s nice and toasty all year round (lucky!), the arrival of fall and the coming of winter mean that things are going to start getting real chilly real fast. Read More

Patient Testimonial - Mahaley

"After experiencing terrible low back and hip pain that went down my left leg pain for nearly a year, I was scheduled for lumbar spine surgery to remove a disc herniation. Through the preceding year I was treated with medication, physical therapy, chiropractic and repeated spine injections. The thought of spine surgery was particularly scary for me at the age of seventeen.  I not only had short term concerns but was most concerned about my quality of life as I aged.  Read More

Diet & Inflammation: Which Foods Help, Which Hurt

We’re probably all familiar with the various versions of the USDA’s Food Pyramid and hopefully have been taught that eating better food can be good for our minds and our bodies over the long run, more so than eating nothing but junk food all the time. Read More

Getting Back in the Game After a Back Injury

Did you hurt your back while playing a sport? Let’s look at the topic of working out after a back injury so that you can return to the athletic activities you love.  Read More

5 Best Home Remedies for a Stiff Neck

Looking at the incredible figures on pressure experienced by the cervical spine at various angles, it is easy to understand why using a smartphone can lead to neck pain. Here are findings on neck angle and weight that were published in a report in Surgical Technology International in 2014: Read More