First Visit to Maine Spine & Nerve Institute

First Visit | Forms

We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes early for your FREE CONSULTATION in order to complete our medical paperwork. Before seeing you, Dr.VanderPloeg will review this paperwork in order to understand your medical history and to prepare specific questions that will help him better understand your condition. After talking with you, Dr. VanderPloeg will conduct an examination that will help him determine if we can be of help. If appropriate, this examination will also allow the doctor to quantify the type and quantity of care medically necessary.

At the following complimentary Report of Findings appointment, Dr.VanderPloeg will review the results from your examination and inform you if you are a candidate for treatment. At that time, if appropriate, he will explain both type and quantity of treatment you need and will review your insurance benefits.

What to Bring
  1. Patient Health History (below)
  2. Photo Identification
  3. Insurance Card
  4. Any relevant imaging you have in your possession
Have Questions?

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