Advanced Care for Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Peripheral Neuropathy - Advanced Pain Treatment

Relief from the Burning, Throbbing and Stabbing Needle Feeling is Available without drugs to Portland Area Residents

Are your current medications becoming less effective? Are you tired of managing the side effects? If so, we have a drug-free and non-surgical solution that can provide you with relief and helps to restore normal sensations.

How we can reduce your neuropathy pain.

Maine Spine & Nerve Institute uses a painless electro-therapeutic treatment to provide lasting relief for the majority of our patients. Keep reading to hear what our patients said about this revolutionary, life-changing procedure.

Is there an effective treatment for neuropathy pain?

The important news is pain from peripheral neuropathy can be relieved without resorting to pain medication or surgery, and if diagnosed early, the condition can often be controlled.

Treatment options have historically included only medications but today with the advent of electro-therapeutic treatment and class IV therapeutic laser, we now have effective therapeutic options. Electro-therapeutic treatment and class IV therapeutic laser are pain-free therapeutic treatments that provide mild senses of vibration that can be found pleasurable and even relaxing. These sensations stimulate the nerves and circulation to cause pain reduction as well as healing.

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) is a disorder of the peripheral nerves - the motor, sensory and autonomic nerves that connect the spinal cord to muscles, skin and internal organs. The condition usually affects the hands and feet, causing weakness, numbness, tingling, burning, and pain.

The disease adversely affects balance, making people with peripheral neuropathy 15 times more likely to fall than the general public. PN can take a variable course, coming and going slowly, progressing over the years or it can become severe and debilitating very quickly.

What causes peripheral neuropathy?

Neuropathy has many causes. The best known cause is diabetes, though chemotherapy, alcohol, drugs (including certain prescription medications), environmental toxins, genetics, and trauma can also trigger the disease.

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Patient Success Stories


*Profound Change

I never dreamed anything would change. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. The pain, tingling, burning and numbness in both feet was terr.. Read More...


*Life Changing Treatment

I am better able to care for myself and am so thankful for the compassionate care. When I was diagnosed with neuropathy of the hands 12 years ago I felt disheartened. I couldn’t imagine the impact t.. Read More...


*I am now able to walk without pain.

My experience at the Maine Spine and Nerve Institute has been incredible. For years, I had foot and leg pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. It was getting worse with the most intense pain.. Read More...


*My balance has improved, and I hope to start motorcycling again.

I was losing sensation in my legs and feet. As time went on, I started getting numbness, prickling, and burning in my feet and felt a constant dull ache in my lower .. Read More...


*I needed to run my business.

Imagine going through your life taking pain medicines, having MRIs, and listening as doctors try to figure out all your pains. For 7 years, I had pretty much given up on any ty.. Read More...


*I am now 70% better than I was!

I would highly recommend these treatments to anyone with nerve pain. I had been suffering greatly from neuropathy in my feet, as well as leg pain and cramping, for over five years. I was una.. Read More...


*My feet no longer hurt when I walk, and my balance has returned. I am gardening again!

For years, I suffered with the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy numbness, sharp pain, and burning pain with cramps in my calves. My balance was getting worse; I could not walk any dista.. Read More...


*My renewed ability to walk has added years and years to my life.

For 5 years, I experienced increasing leg pain and foot numbness. Walking was difficult, and I frequently could not sleep because of the pain. After undergoing treatment at Maine Spine an.. Read More...


*Improved Quality of Life

I am nearly pain free and have regained the ability to feel my feet. Two years ago was when I was diagnosed with neuropathy, I was stunned when the doctors said there was no treatment for th.. Read More...


*Brand-new life

I have had peripheral neuropathy for 6 to 7 years. Over time, it has gotten worse and worse with increasing numbness, sharp and dull aching pain. My balance was affected. M.. Read More...


*I am so thankful I can sleep again. The pressure of the sheets no longer causes me pain.

I had numbness, tingling, and shooting pain in my toes and on the balls of my feet and had been suffering with this pain on a daily basis for the last 2-3 years. Nights were difficult as I had to sleep on.. Read More...

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